Be Part of the Team

WRL needs friendly people who love racing, believe in what WRL is doing and want to be a part of the success!

As part of our commitment to maintain a grassroots environment and keep teams, racers and fans engaged and involved, World Racing League staffs events with officials who are local to the tracks we race. If you will be at the track and already have, or want to gain experience in race operations, or just want to be more involved and help WRL grow, this is a great opportunity to be a part of the family and connect with other racers! You will work along-side WRL National Staff who will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to get started.

All positions are “racer friendly” and allow you to race and work on the same weekend. The schedule will allow you to help us while not imposing a handicap on your team. These positions are also open to non-driving crew, friends, and family members who may also be at the track to support your team over the weekend.

We want regulars we can count on to be part of the team. If interested: Please email us at and tell us why you would be a good fit. You can include resumes, references, amusing anecdotes, pictures of you and your car, etc. but please make sure you include the track(s) where you can help out!



Check In [1-3 per event]

Perfect for someone with an outgoing personality who genuinely likes people. Assist Team Captains with the check in process prior to local races. Verify and/or process payments, issue credentials, collect and record entry information. Handle questions or provide direction for teams and fans (WRL staff can assist by radio). Display and sell WRL merchandise where available. Responsible for submitting registration summary after completion of Check In, as well as helping set up and take down the Check In desk. Key skills include:

  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Access or other DB/spreadsheet
  • Organized and detail oriented
  • Friendly, customer service-focused attitude

Schedule: Two shifts - Must be available the afternoon/evening prior to the race, and/or the morning of the race.


Race Stewards

Chief Competition Inspector [1 per event]

This position is for self-described “car nuts” who love cars, wrenching on cars, talking about cars, etc. Working with the WRL Race Director, inspect race vehicles for compliance with WRL safety and preparation rules. Collect and review paperwork, determine car classification and annotate log books. Direct the activities of stewards assisting in the inspection process. Set up and tear down of Inspection and Impound areas including scales/platen. Previous experience as tech inspector/scrutineer a plus. Key skills include:

  • Thorough knowledge and understanding of WRL rules
  • General knowledge of production car design, construction, maintenance and modification
  • Experience in race car preparation (car build, fabrication, modification, set up, etc) and/or as a senior service technician for auto manufacturer(s)
  • Understanding of powertrain and suspension components
  • Organized and detail oriented
  • Friendly and level-headed, with the ability to handle minor conflict and assert authority as needed

Schedule: Must be available for pre-race inspection, post-race impound. On-call for ad hoc inspections of damaged cars during the event.

Steward [2-10 per event]

Stewards will be used in various areas throughout the event, for periods of 2 hours or more depending on need and availability. Responsibilities can include assisting the Chief Competition Inspector with safety and classing inspections and weigh in; inspecting driver safety gear for compliance and issuing annual stickers; assist in gridding cars at race start; observe and enforce WRL rules on pit road and the paddock during the race; assist Black Flag Steward or Timing Steward as-needed. No experience necessary, but experience as a corner worker, grid worker, scrutineer or pit marshal a plus. Key skills include:

  • Thorough knowledge and understanding of WRL rules
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills

Schedule: Multiple shifts throughout the event. Availability the afternoon/evening prior to the race for Inspection duties and/or shift work as needed during the race. Can work around driving/crew shifts

Conflict of Interest Rule: Inspectors and Stewards will excuse themselves from any issue, situation or decision involving their team, and may not be involved in any decision against another team that materially affects the race where a conflict of interest may exist. In all cases, the Race Director/National Staff hold final authority on decisions, penalties and protests.


Technical Support

Timing and Communications [1-2 per event]

Manage all technical systems including Timing system, radio systems, wireless networks, etc. Set up and test Orbits timing hardware and software prior to the event, load competitor data, set up remote timing feed via Race Monitor. Ensure WRL radios are set up and ready for event. Manage timing at race start to ensure transponder hits and data accuracy. Troubleshoot wireless and wired network issues as needed. Key skills include:

  • IT background required, including experience in networking, hardware, applications, wireless communications, internet protocol and troubleshooting
  • Must be detail oriented

Schedule: Must be available the afternoon and evening prior to the race for setup and test. Must physically man the timing system at the start of each race, but will be “on-call” status once race is under way and can manage system remotely.



All positions earn compensation in the form of race credits, accrued at the equivalent of $15 per hour. Credits have no cash value but can be applied to entry fees and WRL merchandise. Teams may accrue up to $500 in credits in a weekend.

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